A Biker Bar, Our First Van Problem & Rockstars in PA

Friday we headed out to Jugs and Strokers; a biker bar in Merrick, Long Island for 4 sets of music from 10PM – 3AM in what was our longest gig ever played. This place was great; cheap food and drinks, good people, and lots of tattoos and Harley’s…our kind of hangout. Unfortunately, the night ended with our van having some issues that ultimately cost us a pretty penny and half of our Saturday waiting for it to be fixed – which it never was. We made alternative arrangements and with all of us running on 2 hours of sleep, we sucked it up and made the 3 hour drive out to Hanover Twp, PA, for our first show at Rockstars, which luckily went off without a hitch. The 3+ hour drive back to Brooklyn was, needless to say, not the easiest thing in the world, but we are proud to say that over 100 shows to date and we have yet to cancel or miss one of them. We’re sure to be back at both Rockstars and Jugs and Strokers soon.