College Point In Elmira, NY Round 2

Our 2nd trip back to College Point and in classic DR fashion it was better than the first. This time around there were a slew of bands on the bill including Drop Clutch (Dirtbag Records) and Stemm (Steamline Productions). Many thanks again to Bridget for helping to set all this up, and to Jeremy and Jerome for running the show. We’re looking forward to coming back soon.

Heading Back Upstate This Fri & Free Show In NYC At The End Of The Month

Ok, first things first, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday to our own Eric Choy. If you’d like to do the same, you can reach him on our facebook wall. Now to the band news, the shows have been going very well. We were in NJ last weekend and had a blast. We also just got a new van to get us around and it’s sweet. We’ll have pictures of it soon. This Fri night, 5/7 we...[Read More]

Hitting NJ for the first time in a while

Our first trip to the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ was a success. Set up by DJ Alex, the night featured The Deadliez, 13th Floor, ZO2 and yours truly. We had a great time playing with the bands and making new fans in a part of Jersey we haven’t really been to. Thanks to Paulie Z for coming onstage for our own rendition of Zep’s Living Lovin’ Maid. We’re looking forward t...[Read More]

Gotham Rocks At Crash Mansion

Another double header for DR, we did the usual set at 10PM and then came back out again after Gotham Rocks ended for a quick set of drunken revelry which included a few covers from Zep, Soundgarden, Sabbath, and Alice In Chains. Our good buddy Nick from Mother came up and (beer in hand) helped sing a few with us. This was also a Gotham Rocks birthday celebration for a few of our closest fans and B...[Read More]

Next Week NYC, After That Long Branch, NJ, After That Elmira, NY

Hey, Sorry for the delay in posting, we usually like to send them every two weeks, but every time we sat down to write this one, something else to write about would come up and we’d wait for the details before we sent it to you. So here’s what we have so far. First, we’re doing a Gotham Rocks Showcase on Sat 4/24 at Crash Mansion. We’ll be celebrating birthdays of two of ou...[Read More]

Elmira, The Land Of Emo & Death Metal

We squeezed the 5 of us into Pete’s car after rehearsal on Friday and headed out to PA for a little R&R before Saturday night’s gig in Elmira, NY. We met some good people, put our little stamp on Elmira and are looking forward to heading back again soon. Thanks to Bridget for setting this all up, and to Jerome for having us.

Jammin’ with The D.R.A.M.A. Kings

Our first trip to DC to play with The D.R.A.M.A. Kings at Jammin Java. This was a great club and the crowd was very enthusiastic. Despite traffic circles, streets with the same name, and a VA Trooper with a REALLY bad attitude, it was still a fun weekend. Some partied harder than others, and although we won’t mention any names (ahem…Adrian….) we will say that there is some rather...[Read More]

Gramercy Tomorrow, Virigina Sat And That Video Is Here

Alright, So first things first, here’s the video we mentioned last time, it’s us playing “Nothing Good” at Gramercy in Jan. It’s a cool vid complete with a crowd sing-a-long. Check it out. Speaking of Gramercy, we’re playing there tomorrow night, Tues 3/23 as part of Gotham Rocks. This is the biggest venue we’re playing at the moment and we’re psyche...[Read More]

Next Show At Gramercy Theater And A Cool Video

Hey, We’ve been been writing some new material in the studio over the past month or so and hope to have it ready for your ears soon. In the meantime, we are adding more and more shows and they are getting bigger. The next one takes place on Tues, March 23rd at The Gramercy Theater. We’ve been doing very well at this venue thanks to your support and we are being invited back. We will be...[Read More]

Gotham Rocks @ Crash

Always thinking of new ways to entertain our fans, this time around we decided to play an extra set at the end of the night which consisted of some of the best songs by our favorite artists. Guest singing with us was Rob from FEFF, Nick from Zodiac, Pamela from 2nd & 2nd’s karaoke, Bob Scofield, and Angie Vargas. Another great night, another fun time, and another round of drinks for the ...[Read More]

Show This Sat Night With A Glimpse Of The New Bassist

All is well in Diablo’s corner of the world. We’re still riding the high from last month’s CD Release and we have some fun stuff in the works now that Spring is in sight. But for right now, let’s concentrate on Saturday night. We’re going to be doing 2 sets. One at 10 and another at 1. The first set we’ll be us doing what we do best. You can figure out what that...[Read More]

2/20/10 Local 269

Another great Saturday night at Local 269. The night started off with The August Infinity and 13th Floor, who always put on a great show. We closed the night out with an extended set that included a few covers we haven’t played in forever. A very fun, relaxing, and all-around great night had by all.