Doing Knitting Factory, Again

Our friends in Sins Of The Loose Buttons called and asked us if we’d like to play a gig with them. We said sure. The only thing is, they are 15 as are all of their fans. So we went straight to the Knitting Factory, knowing that they are all ages, asked them to book the show, and they happily agreed. It was an awesome show. The younguns’ even did a cover of Moby Dick.

Heading Out To Long Island – Village Pub South

This was our first trip to Long Island where Eric and Mike grew up, though strangely, they didn’t meet until college. In attendance was Paul Jay of Mother Mary and Strange Appetite. He is Mike’s first drum teacher from 1993. Receptor jumped on the bill last minute and and rocked the stage with us. This marked the first time that we showed up before the sound guy. Once he got there, we ...[Read More]

Hitting Snitch, Again

Snitch, a really cool NYC nightspot, owned by Duff McKagen and Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver, is quickly becoming a favorite place to play and just hang out. We filled a last minute time slot and shared the stage with our friends Shadows Lie. Our 2nd time playing Snitch was just as rockin’ as the first, and we’re looking forward to getting back in there soon.

Hitting New Jersey

In October we hit Connecticut for the first time, in November it was Jersey’s turn. We ended up getting there about 2 hours early, so we hung out a bar across the street and hung out with the locals. Once we hit the stage at Dingbatz we felt right at home.

Paying Tribute To ZZ Top

This show was organized by Mike and Eric’s former bandmates in The New Heathens. It was a fun time with some very interesting costumes. When the show was over, we headed over to Rock N’ Roll Karaoke at Arlene’s Grocery for more singing and more drinking.

Hitting Staten Island

Not taking a break from the crazy night before, we headed straight to Staten Island with two new fans from the night before. It was our first time playing L’amour and second night in a row playing with our friends, Zodiac.

Rocking the Asylum Halloween Bash

What a show! We played dressed as pirates which suited Adrian just fine. Lindsay Ryder, who made Eric’s costume, ended up winning the costume contest for her cowgirl outfit and went home with a Fender Stratocaster. Other notable costumes were Paulie Z from ZO2 dressed as Jimi Hendrix. We also made some new fans who were in from Ohio and played with Stitch Rivet, a band from Kentucky.

Diablo Royale Hits The Road

This was a show set up by INK, a metal band from New Haven, CT. We met them when we played a Rock Asylum show in July. As soon as they heard our set, they asked us if we’d like to come up, and after hearing theirs, we couldn’t refuse. The show was great and the INK Tribe definitely rocked out with us.

Diablo Royale Wraps Up Summer Club Tour At Clutch After party

Well, we had a pretty busy summer starting in July, but all good things must come to an end. And what a way to end it. We played to a packed house at Crash Mansion at around 10. Then, all of the Clutch fans and press showed up and we did another set at 2:30 in the morning. A great time was had by all. Thanks to Jeremy from New York Underbelly for booking us.

Diablo Royale Heads To Snitch

This is one of the newer clubs in NY. As we are all GNR fans it was cool for us to get on stage here. Duff McKagan is one of the owners. Aside from that, the gig went great and our friend Lindsay Ryder was tending bar.