Diablo Royale, National Act?

The showcase last night ROCKED. We had a strong turnout, thanks to you! Plus, we shook hands with the powers that be (literally, one of the people asked Jason and Mike if we were a Christian band). But in all serousness, we met some of the heavy-hitters and we’ll see where it goes in the coming weeks.

We have a big event on Monday, March 23rd, actually, the BIGGEST one we’ve had yet. We’ve been invited to play at Blender Theater, which is a 600 seat venue in Manhattan owned by LiveNation, who, for better or worse, run every major tour that happens these days — it’s a great opportunity for us to get on their radar. We know we’re asking you again but this is how it works: we need your help. So the deal is, we have to get at least 60 people in the door for this show. Which should be pretty easy to do if say 15 of you come and bring 2 friends each. What do you think? If it goes well, we’ll be in good standing to become THE local band that opens for all the national acts that come through New York. Which means that Gerard can quit his side job of…nevermind, you don’t want to know. So this is a big deal to us. We’re on early, at 7:15, so you can come straight from work, good and ready for a cold one.

While we’re at it, we’ll be launching our Greedy Dogs fundraiser at the Blender gig. Here’s the idea. We get it. We know that without you guys, none of this could work. Our success as a band relies in large part on YOU. That said, our goal for 2009 is to put together a great new record (6 song EP), a video, and a kick ass summer tour… fully fan-funded. We’re looking to raise $15,000 between now and the release date at the end of June.

This is where you come in. You are integral to the core of EVERYTHING we do. Which is why we’re taking a page from our friends, Telling on Trixie, and going for it.

We’ll kick the whole thing off at Blender on March 23rd and we hope you’ll join us to celebrate and get stuff started on the right foot! So now through March 23, for everyone who gets involved at the ROAD CREW level or higher we’ll toss in an extra FREE ticket to our next Gotham Rocks show. Just because we love you. Click here for details.

Thanks again and see you on the 23rd:

Mon, 3/23 7:15 PM
Blender Theater
127 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010
We’ll be playing with The Smashup (previously toured with Megadeth and Mike is obsessed with Megadeth) and Diecast (as far as we know, have NOT toured with Megadeth, but they are still cool)-Adrian, Eric, Gerard, Jason & Mike