DR On Sirius XM?

Hey Diablo Royale Fan!

This is Sweetleaf, bass player extraordinaire from Diablo Royale again – here with more updates about my fantabulous band!

You got our email last week about our band’s plans to record a new album by holding a fundraiser to raise the cash. Rather than pinching pennies in advance and then selling the albums later to make our cash back, the plan is to raise the cash first, then we will have the budget to do it right. Our plan is to make this a better deal for the fans by providing more than your money’s worth in merchandise and other goodies. Feel free to check out our website to get all the details.

We are officially kicking off the fundraiser at our next show, which is the awesome GOTHAM ROCKS showcase on Saturday. We hit the stage at 9pm and it will be at our favorite bar Crash Mansion. Admission is $10 for the show. But……

If you sign up at the ROAD CREW LEVEL ($25) level or more, in addition to the goodies listed on our page, you also get free admission to the Saturday show! We will be playing with Fixer, Black Water Rising and Shadows Lie, among other bands. We’ve been wanting to play with Fixer for a long time – they’re a signed band, they have a rabid following, and our styles are pretty similar. If you don’t know them, they hit the stage right after us so stick around once we’re done shaking the roof!

Black Water Rising also have a lot of momentum right now, having signed up my friends Adrenaline PR as their promotions team, and we’d love to impress both bands’ fans, management and labels how wild our fans are!  Also on hand will be Kayla from Sirius XM radio, who is definitely someone we want to impress.

So come to the show and make noise!!! And if you want free admission to the show, just sign up to donate to the band – you’ll also get all the goodies listed on the page.

Here are the details about the show:

DATE: Sat, April 11
TIME: 9pm
VENUE: www.crashmansion.com

199 Bowery between Spring and Rivington.
The closest subway stop is the 6 train at Spring Street. Walk east to Bowery.
The J & M trains stop at Bowery and Delancy St. Walk north on Bowery.
The F train to 2nd Ave, walk west to Bowery. Turn left, go 3 blocks.
The N and R train stop is Prince Street – get out at Broadway and walk East about 3 avenues to Bowery.

Okay, enough babbling from me! Hope to see you on Saturday! ROCK ON!!!!

Your pal,