Final Diablo Royale Bulletin Till Our Next Show!

Hey there!

Sweetleaf here, your favorite bass player from your favorite band DIABLO ROYALE giving you THE FINAL BULLETIN (awwwwww!) before our next show, and a personal update on what is going on with us!

If you’ve been reading my annoying bulletins every week (and I know you have), then you know we’ve been hard at work on our second album, and it is just about done! (FINALLY!)  We have set up Summer tour dates now (our website has the whole summer lineup), and… brace yourself…. with some international dates being planned for the fall! Now I need to find my passport and try to keep G-Man off the no-fly list. I can’t wait for the cavity search coming back from Amsterdam airport…

Anyway… you know we’re trying to release this new album a bit differently than most other bands since the music industry is so screwed up.  Rather than sell the album like usual, we want to involve our fans in a more personalized way, by having you sponsor the album instead – in return, we are offering package deals on merchandise and other goodies, as well as other awesome stuff like VIP treatment at our shows, appearance in our next music video, listing your name in our liner notes, free admission to our shows, all the way up to participating in some of the money we make.

We launched the program back in April, and we have raised a pretty good chunk of change, almost enough to cover the costs of making the album! But there are only a few days left to get involved. This whole deal ends on Satan’s Birthday, Saturday 6/6 – the day of our Gotham Rocks Showcase at Crash Mansion which we are playing with a bunch of our friends like Shadows Lie, King Hell and many others. Crash Mansion is located at 199 Bowery. When you get involved at the VIP level, you get FREE ADMISSION to this show!

So…… LAST CHANCE! If you are a fan of Diablo Royale and can’t wait till the album is released, think about getting involved because you will get the album WAY EARLY! Plus all the other goodies! So don’t be a fool! Check out our page at and get involved at a level that works for you!

Oh, and everyone who sponsors our band gets into heaven.

Thanks for letting us keep in touch, and STAY CLASSY SAN DIEGO!!!

Your pal,