Recording Update – 1 Month To Go

Hola Diablo Royale Fan!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Okay it’s a day late but we are musicians so we can get away with it. Anyway I wanted to take a minute and give you a little Diablo Update so here it is:

As you are no doubt aware, we are recording this month and it’s going really well – no fatalities! Yet. We are almost done with our new fan favorite "Nothing Good" which is being mixed as I write this, and the drums are all done for the other four tunes: "Resistance", "He Who Serves The Serpent", "Beholder" and "Greedy Dogs."

Choy, Gman and myself will be laying down the important parts (bass and guitar) this weekend! Ha ha. Then Adrian will do the vocals afterwards and he is psyched to knock it out of the park.

We will be recording at Venture Studios in Brooklyn so if you want to stand outside waiting for an autograph, by all means knock yourselves out! Which leads me to my next point….

There is only one month left to become a DIABLO ROYALE MINION by getting involved with the recording. We are closing off all donations at our next show on June 6 (Satan’s birthday – we’d wish him a happy birthday, but we’re not really Satanic, we just use the name) So if you want to join in, NOW IS THE TIME! We have posted the super-secret album title in the facebook group that’s open only to those who donate at the ROAD CREW level or higher. Plus naturally you get all of the goodies that come with it (merch, the album, VIP treatment, etc)

Mike has also followed my lead to be the next Martin Scorcese and has been videotaping the recording sessions and rehearsals – all the Diablo drama, comedy and action-adventure clips are there in that facebook group.

Lastly, there are only two spots left to JOIN US IN THE STUDIO this weekend! Check the 666TH MEMBER level for the details!

Okay gang, that’s enough with the Diablo Royale news. Stay classy, San Diego!