Sirius Airplay, Biggest Show Ever On July 13 & More


Sweetleaf here giving you an update on your favorite band in the world, DIABLO ROYALE.

First, CONGRATS TO US for winning the big prize at the last Gotham Rocks show which got us played on Sirius XM Radio. The DJ Kayla loves us and the feeling is mutual. We’re looking forward to blowing more peoples’ minds as we do our best to get played more and more on Sirius XM Radio!!!

Next, we are super psyched to be playing at one of our favorite and most prestigious venues in NYC, the BLENDER THEATRE! Oh yeah!!! It takes place on July 13 and you can get tickets in advance here. It’s the first time we’ve played this venue and we need to pack the place in order to make it to the next stage of our band’s plan: which is: conquering the world and beyond. If we get the place nice and crowded and sweaty, the venue bookers will want us back again and again and again and again (okay you get the point). Anyway be there!

The summer tour schedule is coming together. We are going to be traveling farther than before, and at venues that are new to us. As we bring some bands to NYC to play with us, they have been inviting us out to their turf and we are excited to taking some cool road trips. Someone from the band (not me) will be videotaping our adventures and posting them on our web page (again, not me) for your viewing pleasure so visit our website for updates.

And last but not least, the recording of our new album is DONE!!!! We are mixing, mastering, arguing, finalizing the artwork, arguing, and finishing up (and arguing). Just kidding. We get along fine.

Anyway that’s the update! Thanks for reading this far. I haven’t even read this far…. okay enjoy the weekend and STAY CLASSY SAN DIEGO!!!

Your pal,