Fat Baby

The first of two shows in the same night we packed in to the stage at Fat Baby as the crowd packed in to watch. From Casanova to Hair Of The Dog, we put our best foot forward, rocked the joint, then took off for The Underscore. This was the CD Release Party for Hollis Browne that they asked us to kick off.

The Underscore – Led Zeppelin Tribute Show

Our first appearance at The Underscore went over very well. The set opened w/ the Zep classic “Traveling Riverside Blues”, and included “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman),” “Wearing And Tearing,” and there was also a brief blues jam between Eric and G Man before “Bad Luck.” The show was a success and the night ended with some 3AM “s...[Read More]

Crash Mansion – CD Release Party

Our first show at Crash Mansion, and right off the bat we knew it would be another mainstay of our NY venues. We had a line around the block of fans waiting to get their first listen to the album. The stage show is really starting to come together…we’re all learning how to play off each other and the energy is just getting more intense with each show. Most of all, it was great to have the al...[Read More]

The Ace of Clubs

Our only showing to date at Ace Of Clubs and we rocked the joint. This marks the first appearance of G Mans ritual wearing of the “cutoff”. This was our first gig after recording the album. Mike was on the phone with engineer right before and after the show working out the final touches on the CD.

Arlene’s Grocery

Our first time at Arlene’s and the debut of 2 more songs: “Bad Luck,” and the ever-popular “Remedy.” Dual guitar solos took the crowd by surprise and the response was overwhelming. A great start to calling Arlene’s one of our “regular” stops. The Mets were in the playoffs and Eric was celebrating like a true Met fan – drunk. Ahhh….Rock and Roll...[Read More]

The Continental

And so after 15 months of rehearsing and writing, Diablo Royale finally took the stage for the first time. Packing the Continental on a Wednesday night is what we call “a good start.” Just getting our sea legs, we had a 30 minute set which included Casanova, Hooked, King Of Lies, Crank It Up, Don’t Mind Me, Dead @ 21, Overloaded, and Hair Of The Dog. A few minor kinks to work out...[Read More]