People constantly ask us what we sound like.  The easiest way to find out is click play on one of the songs below.  If you prefer a written answer, we go with “Gritty, Hard-Hitting Rock N’ Roll.”  That usually does it, but if you also want to know what bands we compare to or sound like, here is a short list:  Legendary bands include, Aerosmith, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Rage Against The Machine.  As far as the modern rock bands of today, we’d go with Rev Theory, Foo Fighters, and Godsmack.  There we go, now go ahead and have a listen (scroll down for lyrics):

Title & Song Description



Most of us had been bullied when we were young and some of us still do, by our bosses, husband, wife, government officials or even by the system, well this song is about making a statement against the bullies, No more! I’m done, No! I ain’t backing down…It’s time to resist them!
Beaten down, lying on the ground
Feeling helpless and all alone
The scars they left never fade away
The blood they spilled still remains
Everyday is the same way
Waiting for them to go away
This is the life I’ve lived before
It’s time to clench my fist and throw a blow!
No more, I’m done, no I ain’t backing down
My fists are clenched and I will strike you down
Your reign will soon come to an end
And you will fall six feet underground
No I won’t take itLooking back at how it was
When they had me in their grasp
When the wheel turned around
I laugh on the higher groundNow, everyday won’t be the same way
I’ll do things my own way
The fear of them has passed away
It’s time to take a stand and break the chains!
Silence is breaking, come on and hear me
Sleeping is waking, time to resist them
Silence is breaking, come on and hear me
Sleeping is waking; it’s time to walk away
Time to resist them!

This song talks about the true garbage of this world, hypocrites, liars, thieves, war mongers, they are greedy, they are dogs, some are priests that rape children, pastors that steal from their church members and so called leaders that end peace.
Hey, aren’t you the one that I should follow?
Preaching in the streets but acting shallow
From a mile away I see your halo
But deep inside your heart’s so hollow
Greedy Dogs are always on the prowl
Their words and their mouths are foul
They kneel; they close their eyes and drop a tear
But when everyone’s away they change their waysThey feed with lies, walk in deceit
They give these rules
They themselves don’t follow
Greedy Dogs are always on the prowl
Their words and their mouths are foul
Greedy Dogs are never satisfiedGreedy Dogs are always on the prowl
Their words and their mouths are foul
They hide behind their robes and ties
They reach out their hands just to
drag you down

It’s about awareness and acceptance of your true self.
Look him in the eye
Pull him out then let him lead
Shattered dreams and broken hope
Shouldn’t crush what’s within
Fooled by the lies you breed
You scream inside you fail to hear
You fear the truth and defy what’s real
Set him free and he’ll reveal
You fail to see who he really is
Look him in the eye
You fail to hear what he really means
Listen to your screamYou fail to see who he really is
Look him in the eye
You fail to know who he really is
The man in the mirrorDeceived by lust, greed and sins,
Pristine is what it should’ve been
The seed that once was alive
Dried and drowned by itself it seems
Convinced by the hate you feed
Now your thoughts are dark and dim
Take his hand and walk with him
Let him lead and be yourself indeed
Now that you’ve looked at him
Realize who you’ve always been

Give some time to check yourself
Try not to be someone else
Regrets are along the way yet
Hope will come another day
And soon you’ll meet again
The mirror man’s just a glance away

Who? I’m the man in the mirror!

If you ask anyone now adays to give you 5 things that are good to have in this world, instead of Love, Peace, Self Respect, Education, most of them will answer, Money, Awesome Cars, Gold, Big Houses, Hot Women. It’s sad but true but these are what’s good to them…all material things. And this is what this song is about…a materialistic society.
Consumed by all these false ideas
Wanting more, taking more never
Stop till distended
Just like a dog that never stops eating
What everyone has I’ll have the same
Fancy cribs and golden limousines
And some of those girls that are so unreal
Nothing good, no!
Nothing good, no!
Good things don’t last foreverSo caught up on this society
Your mindset is all about shopping sprees
Let me tell you something
Time isn’t freeWelcome to this society
Where nothing is ever free
Nose candy, hits of trees
What everyone has I’ll have the same
Fancy cribs and golden limousines
This mentality you’ll never be free
Never satisfied, never convinced
You have everything yet have nothing
In the end you forget what’s real
You get what you want not what you need
But isn’t that what you plead?
Let me tell you something it’s time to get free,

It’s that part of life when you feel like giving up to the point where you no longer see hope in life and just want to end it all, so you strive for that better place and situation.
Wonderin’ if the lights will lead me to my doom
Open the gates of gold and sweet perfumes
I’ve been waiting for the turn of tides
Wings so I can fly so high
No more afflictions
No more pain to bearTake to me to the Promised Land
Oh, please take me, take me nowBroken, but my eyes are set to see the sky
Screamin; beneath the moon I stare up high
I’ve been searching for a place to hide
Place to leave these all behind
No more burdens
No more pain to bear

It’s the Evil in you, I think everyone has it in them, it’s either you’re in control or you give in to the evil deeds. It is also based on the story of “the old snake” in the old testament a.k.a Lucifer.
Can you hear the sound of the whispering wind?
There it lays the beast within
His tongue’s split in two, death is upon him too
His voice that poisons minds and betrays us too
In his hand is where wrath and end begins
He whispers to your souls
His songs of sorrow lingers within
Be aware of the venom of the serpent’s biteOnce like the sun, he shined from above
Deluded by his own, he plummeted to the ground
Now he crawls the sand, ensnares the wicked ones
Stay away from the serpent’s cryCan you hear him crying?
From the tree he’s calling
“Come now and take a bite and it will make you perfect
Listen to me and I will surely take you to your death”

This one is based on my religious beliefs, but I was really surprised when a friend of mine told me that the song really hit him because his girl was really stubborn. So I guess it’s one of those songs you can give a meaning to yourself!
Brand new day, brand new life, brand new everything
Since you’re born everything’s the same
Change is the only remedySame as you were before
Kneeling to the things your hands aren’t for
Walking to the path
You don’t want to go to
Mistaken for the light
You want your life intoLeave your ways follow mine
You won’t regret
Don’t stray look ahead
You’ll never forget
Other times you called my name
But you never let me in
They have ears but they cannot hear
And their eyes that can never see

Change is the only remedy
Wash away the past
And forget where you’ve been
Shadows of today
Shall be gone by tomorrow
You have a choice wherever you may go

There will be a time
You’ll find yourself alone
And you will laugh
And cry with the fear in your eyes
Too late for you to turn and realize
The remedy has gone by