The Underscore II

Our friends Sins Of The Loose Buttons as if we would have them open for us. So we setup our first all ages show and blew the roof off of the place.

Fat Baby

The first of two shows in the same night we packed in to the stage at Fat Baby as the crowd packed in to watch. From Casanova to Hair Of The Dog, we put our best foot forward, rocked the joint, then t...[Read More]

The Ace of Clubs

Our only showing to date at Ace Of Clubs and we rocked the joint. This marks the first appearance of G Mans ritual wearing of the “cutoff”. This was our first gig after recording the album...[Read More]

Arlene’s Grocery

Our first time at Arlene’s and the debut of 2 more songs: “Bad Luck,” and the ever-popular “Remedy.” Dual guitar solos took the crowd by surprise and the response was ove...[Read More]

The Continental

And so after 15 months of rehearsing and writing, Diablo Royale finally took the stage for the first time. Packing the Continental on a Wednesday night is what we call “a good start.” Just...[Read More]