April Fools Rules


Happy day-after-April-Fools-Day! To keep things interesting, Adrian, our singer, decided to stage a hoax that he quit the band! There was a big hullabaloo from gullible fans and friends who freaked out. The only band member who got fooled was Mike (of course).

I was out all day and not in contact with anyone so I figured I’d pretend I’d gotten busted buying pot and sent a mass text that I was really pissed off and was stuck in the police station for 6 hours. I fooled Eric and Mike (of course).

I am going to count G-Man as being half-fooled because he immediately called me and was like, "THIS IS ALL A JOKE, RIGHT????" with a quiver in his voice. So I consider him half-fooled.

Anyway the band is fine, my criminal record is (mostly) clean and the band is psyched and moving forward (of course!)

So enough of that April Fools stuff – this email is about our plans to record our new album:

What we are planning on, is rather than lay out all the cash ourselves in advance, which would force us to pinch pennies the whole way, we are looking to raise some or all of the cash in advance, so we will be able to seriously do it right!

Naturally we know that we have to deliver a better deal to you than just "pay ten bucks in advance and you get the album when it’s done".

We have a whole list of goodies that are laid out on our web page – they range from package deals on items we already have available, to special events and items that will never be available to purchase – check out diabloroyale.net/newrecord.shtml to see for yourself.

Simply put, we want to make this a good deal for you and for us. We all win!!!

Also, many of you are aware of (and awaiting) our upcoming Gotham Rocks show on Saturday 4/11 at 9pm at our favorite bar, CRASH MANSION. It’s going to be a great show, and if you spring for one of the fundraising packages (ROAD CREW LEVEL or higher), we will throw in free admission for you to come to the show!

We will be playing at 9pm with our fellow NYC comrades Fixer, Shadows Lie and Black Water Rising, and Fixer’s management team and record label will be at the show. I seriously recommend that you come to this show because I have heard that everyone who attends the show will go to heaven…

There you have it – more Diablo Royale news than you can shake a stick at. Check out the fundraising page when you get a chance, and see you on 4/11 for the show!!!!