Rock Asylum Comeback

Rock Asylum Comeback

January 19th, 2011 marked the return of ZO2’s Rock Asylum and we were honored to break the silence as the first band on. The night started off with red carpet appearances by Marky Ramone, Dee Snider and Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister, and Jerry Gaskill of King’s X among others. We took the stage to a packed house and did what we do best; we rocked our balls off. One of the better perfor...[Read More]

Gig With Jesse Blaze Snider in Philly

We were invited back to Sweeny’s to play with Jesse “Blaze” Snyder, but unfortunately Jesse was forced to cancel his appearance due to unforeseen circumstances. No matter, the rest of the bands played on, and we’ve never seen Sweeny’s so packed before. All in all, this was our most successful showing at Sweeny’s and we’re hoping it continues.

Gotham Rocks Long Island

The first ever Long Island Gotham Rocks and we were honored to be the out of the town band for a change. What a great turnout! Lulu’s was packed, the stage, sound, and lights were all spot-on, and all the bands played very well. Looks like Lulu’s will be a new regular stop for Diablo Royale in Long Island.

Pre-Thanksgiving Mini-Tour Part 1

We’re doing a quick weekend road trip before the Turkey-fest. On Fri, Nov 19 we are heading to Long Island for Gotham Rocks. We’ll be sharing the stage with Erza, Born Of Scars, FFR & Craving Strange. Terror Bomb Records will be on hand to check out the bands. Here are the details: Fri, 11/19 10:30 PM Gotham Rocks Lulu’s Pub 1509 Main St Port Jefferson, NY 11777 (631) 331-1382 GET...[Read More]

Pre-Thanksgiving Mini-Tour Part 2

On Sat, 11/20 we’ll be heading to Philly to open up for Jesse “Blaze” Snider. Jesse’s father is Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. Pray hard enough and maybe the rock icon will show up himself. Here are the details: Sat, 11/20 9:30 PM Sweeny’s 13639 Philmont Ave Philadelphia, PA 19116

Halloween At Six Flags, The 2nd Happiest Place On Earth

Well, it’s that time of year again, which means we’re playing the 6 Flags Fright Fest down in Jackson, NJ. This year was just a great as the previous years; the park was packed, the stage was decked out in Halloween fashion, and there was a nip in the air. We hit the stage at 7 and despite the cold, managed our way through a fantastic 45 minute set and were followed by Charetta and The...[Read More]

The Hardest Band At CMJ This Year

This was our first time playing the CMJ music festival. Lucky for us it was at our favorite NYC hangout, The Local 269, where the owner Jules and bartenders Bill and Sasha know how to take care of their customers. It’s been a while since we played at home in NYC, and it’s always great to come back to a more intimate venue where we can really connect with the fans. We packed the place, ...[Read More]

Battle Of The Bands, And The Winner Is…

Battle Of The Bands, And The Winner Is…

What can we say? We came, we rocked, and despite some great competition from the other 8 bands, WE WON! A DR tip of the hat to Flounder who did an amazing job and placed 2nd, and special thanks to Mt Airy Lodge and Rock 107 for putting the whole event together. On a side note, G-Man learned the finer points of how to play Craps (it was a $100 lesson) Choy learned that jack and cokes at the Craps t...[Read More]

Gramercy Theater For Gotham Rocks

Another great show at a great NYC venue; Saturday night at The Gramercy was a blast to say the least. We played with some great bands including GSX, August Infinity, and April’s End, met a bunch of new fans, and debuted a new song to an enthusiastic crowd. “Dead Inside” went over well despite it being the first live performance, and based on the reaction, we can say with some cer...[Read More]

Absorb Music Festival, Williamsport, PA

We headed out to Williamsport, PA on Friday for a little RnR before the show on Saturday, when we found ourselves in a dive bar somewhere on the edge of town. While we were hitting up the bar and pool table, there was a blues/jam band playing. When they were done, we figured “Why not?” With a little coaxing of the bar owner and promises not to be “too loud”, we threw togeth...[Read More]

Santos Party House for Jade’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Jade! This was a great, relaxed, no pressure gig at Santo’s. We were excited to share the stage with Philly’s Automatic Fire, which features members from Silvertide. The night was a blast and we’re looking forward to going back again on Wed the 25th.