Absorb Music Festival, Williamsport, PA

We headed out to Williamsport, PA on Friday for a little RnR before the show on Saturday, when we found ourselves in a dive bar somewhere on the edge of town. While we were hitting up the bar and pool table, there was a blues/jam band playing. When they were done, we figured “Why not?” With a little coaxing of the bar owner and promises not to be “too loud”, we threw together a quick half-hour set of covers and had the place jumping. Seriously, there was one guy who was well over 50 (every bar has at least one, right?) and this guy was dancing something nuts. We thought his legs were going to break off.

Saturday we played at the Absorb Music Festival, we played a great set and had a very warm reception (we mean that literally, it was 95 degrees out). To quote the emcee of the event “Ok, we’re all going to have to turn it up a notch for this next band…..” Another great gig, another great stage; and we’re looking forward to going back.