Gramercy Was Awesome & Heading To Philly This Thurs


Our show at Gramercy last week was great.  There were over 500 people in attendance and it was for a great cause.  We could go on and on, but you can watch some of the video from the night on our new website and you’ll get the idea.  To those that came, thank you for making it a night we won’t soon forget!  This is also the first time in a while that we’ve played a new song.  It’s called "Dead Inside."  

This past weekend was spent in Pennsylvania writing more songs for our next release.  As soon as those they’re ready we’ll be playing them at shows.

Speaking of live shows, we’re back in Philly this Thurs night.  We’ve been playing there monthly since the summer and things are going in the right direction.  We’ve been invited to open for a national act there in November!  More details on that to come later.  For now, here is what is happening this week:

Thurs, 9/23 10:00 PM
13639 Philmont Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19116

That’s all for now, we’ll write again in 2 weeks.  Don’t forget to check out the videos from Gramercy.

-Adrian, Gman, Eric, Pete & Mike