Holiday Drink Guide, Jesse Snider & Gotham Rocks Long Island


Here’s a quick pre-Thanksgiving update from your friendly, neighborhood rock band.

Weekend Tour
We’re taking a quick break from the studio for two shows this weekend.  The first is a Gotham Rocks Showcase on Long Island and the second is a gig in Philly where we’ll be opening for Jesse Blaze Snider.  Here are the details:

Fri, 11/19 10:30 PM
Gotham Rocks
Lulu’s Pub
1509 Main St
Port Jefferson, NY 11777
(631) 331-1382
We’ll Be Playing With: Erza, Born Of Scars, FFR & Craving Strange.
Cover is $10

Sat, 11/20 9:30 PM
13639 Philmont Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19116
Opening for Jesse Snider
Cover is $5

Your Holiday Drink Guide
Yes, it’s that time of year.  You know, when you are seeing relatives that you haven’t seen in a bit, trying to decide if your third cousin is pregnant or just put on weight.  Yeah, that time.  Here are the drinks we use to help us enjoy the endless small talk more than we would otherwise.

Iron Butterfly
-Coffee liqueur
-Irish cream
-Pour vodka over ice into glass. Add kahlua and irish cream, and stir.

Doc Holiday
-2oz Whiskey
-1/2 tsp sugar
-Mountain Dew
-Best served in a Collins Glass, add sugar, OJ & Mountain Dew to taste

Whiskey Eggnog
-2oz whiskey
-1 egg
-5oz milk
-1 tsp powdered sugar
-1 part nutmeg
-Shake all ingredients (except nutmeg) with ice and strain into a Collins Glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top and serve.

Holiday Hangover
-4oz white rum
-5oz 7up
-Best served in a High Ball Glass

That’s it for now, we’ll see you this weekend.

-Adrian, Eric, Gman, Mike & Pete