Recording Update & 3 Weeks To Go Till Showtime


Sweetleaf here, your favorite bass player, writing again to give you the updated scoop on your favorite band, DIABLO ROYALE!

First, the recording sessions for our new release are almost done! We’ve worked with three great producers/egineers, Eran Phillips, Dan Pfeffer from the band FEFF and CT Tamura from the band SHADOWS LIE. Our plan was to work with all of the producers who wanted to work with us, and see who worked out the best. As it turns out, we are really happy with the results from all of them, and personally I would recommend all three guys to anyone looking to do some recording.

The best news about this is that we can finally start playing live again and our next show will be SATURDAY, JUNE 6 AT CRASH MANSION in New York City. It’s going to be another Gotham Rocks Showcase which means that for the price of one band, you get to see SIX BANDS! It starts at 7pm and ends around 2AM. So get there early, bring your earplugs, and get ready for an entire night of head-banging mania!

The other bands on the set for June 6 include our pals Shadows Lie, The August Infinity, Anodize, King Hell, and Charetta who will be using this show as their CD release party! Click here to get your tickets in advance. Or you can get involved with our new album and get a FREE ticket (VIP Level or higher). Which leads me to the last bullet-point on this um bulletin…

This also means that your chance to get involved with the band as a sponsor is coming to an end. There’s less than three weeks left to get involved and find out how to get free admission to the upcoming show, or even free admission to EVERY DIABLO ROYALE SHOW FOR 2009!

See you at the show, and STAY CLASSY, SAN DIEGO!!!

Your pal,