The 4 National Tours You Can’t Miss & Diablo Royale at CMJ?

In This Issue:

1. Diablo Royale Update – CMJ Date
2. The 5 National Tours You Can’t Miss

1. A Hard Rock Band At CMJ?
Yes, that’s what we were thinking as well.  This event is dominated by hipsters and even more people that want to be hipsters but can’t  seem to figure it out.  It’s pretty simple actually, get a pair of horn rimmed glasses and stop using deodorant, but they don’t really ask us for our opinion.

Anyway, we have been invited to play one of the largest music festivals in the country and the date will be Thurs, 10/21 at 11PM.  We will post the venue (it’s in Manhattan) on our facebook page the day of the show.  So if you’re not following us on there, get to it.

2. The 4 National Tours You Can’t Miss 
Not only are we musicians, but we’re huge music fans as well.  We love live shows as much as the next guy, maybe even more.  To that end, here are our picks for the shows you CAN NOT miss for the remainder of 2010:

1. PUi/King Hell/Ghosts Of Eden/Charetta – The first show on our list breaks our rule.  It’s actually a local show in New York City, but this is our post, so we can do what we want.  These are all bands we’ve played with and know well.  The show will be on Sun 10/17 at Mercury Lounge in New York City.  We’ll be there hanging out, you should be also.

2. American Carnage Megadeth/Anthrax/Slayer – This tour has been going on for a little while and the NY show was last week.  Megadeth played their classic album Rust In Peace in its entirety.  Again, RUST IN PEACE IN ITS ENTIRETY.  Need we say more?

3. Black Label Society – Ozzy Osbourne alum Zakk Wylde will kill it with his own band.  The reviews so far of the tour have been very good.  They’ll be in NYC next week, so we obviously haven’t seen them yet.  Children of Bodom and Clutch are also on the bill.

4. Ozzy Osbourne – Speaking of the almighty metal lord, Ozzy is hitting the road in the coming months and he’s bringing Rob Halford with him.  Ozzy has been all over the world the past few weeks.  He was in Tel Aviv, Israel in late Sept, and is in Japan tonight.  At an age when most people retire to Florida, and after single-handedly consuming enough drugs to kill 3 people and a large dog, the old man is still at it.  Ozzy, we salute you.

Alright, that’s it for now.  Don’t forget to "Like"  us on facebook so you can get the details of our CMJ show next Thurs!

-Adrian, Mike, Pete, Eric & Gman